Fast Python bindings for UnQLite, a lightweight, embedded NoSQL database and JSON document store.


Read the issue tracker for this database before considering using it. UnQLite has not seen any meaningful development since 2014. It is strongly recommended that you use Sqlite. Sqlite has robust support for json and is actively developed and maintained.

UnQLite features:

  • Embedded, zero-conf database

  • Transactional (ACID)

  • Single file or in-memory database

  • Key/value store

  • Cursor support and linear record traversal

  • JSON document store

  • Thread-safe

  • Terabyte-sized databases

UnQLite-Python features:

  • Compiled library, extremely fast with minimal overhead.

  • Supports key/value operations, cursors, and transactions using Pythonic APIs.

  • Support for Jx9 scripting.

  • APIs for working with Jx9 JSON document collections.

The source code for unqlite-python is hosted on GitHub.


If you encounter any bugs in the library, please open an issue, including a description of the bug and any related traceback.


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